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Good Night Live Xmas Special

Now Online!

GOod Night Live Skits

GNL- Christmas Special

From our living room to yours, gather 'round the internet folks, it's the Good Night Live Christmas Special with host Jake Thrailkill & co-host Myles Barcomb!

GNL-There's no "J" in Team

Jake takes the team on a "Team Building Excercise" at the local escape room. Little do they know he's rig the whole thing to make it all about him.

GNL-Quarantine Pot Luck

The exploits, struggles, and journeys of the Good Night Minot creative team during the Covid-19 Pandemic culminates in a grand, hilarious quarantine potluck. Be sure to watch from E1.

GNL-The Bad Date

Jake goes on his date night from the last show's "Who wants to date Jake?" dating game. Things start out well, but quickly spirals out of control.

GNL-Christmas Party

It was the night before Good Talk and all through the bar Vodka santa was Yelling Were are the key's to my car!

GNL-Behind the Scenes Look

An inside look on the writing and pre-production process behind the Good Night Minot Show.

Past Good Night Live Shows

Good Night Live Xmas 2020

From Our Living Room To Yours, Gather 'Round The Internet Folks, It's The Good Night Live Christmas Special With Host Jake Thrailkill & Co-Host Myles Barcomb!

Good Night Live 2

Good Night Live 2! Featuring: Cello performance by Jack Erik Anderson, Prairie Public's Ashley Thornberg, and comedian Kyle Erickson.

Good Night Minot 4

The Forth and Final Show for Good Night Minot and the first outdoors show at arts in the parks!

Good Night Minot 3

show #3 with a special "wanna date Jake?" dating Game Special

Good Night Minot 2

It was the night before Good Talk and all through the bar Vodka santa was Yelling Where are the key's to my car!

Good Night Minot 1

The Premiere show for Good Night Minot. This is where it all started!

Live Schedule

Saturday, March 13th

Mouse River Players

Saturday, April 24th

The Grand Hotel

Meet the Crew

Jake Thrailkill

The Talent

The face and the name of the show. [insert Webster’s definition of “narcissist” here] Handsome, Funny, and never forgets a face or anyone’s name. 

Myles Barcomb

The Maestro

Myles is Jake’s right hand man, and the leader of the Sweet Dreams band. He also  enjoys long walks outside Jake’s house around 3am.

Jonah Lantto

Producer, Writer

Jonah has one job as Executive Producer,  finding a way to pay for us all making fools of ourselves. Plus, he keep’s Jake pumped full of Old Mill so we can continue to exploit him.  

ShaunAnne Tangney

Producer, Writer

The brains of this operation. ShaunAnne keeps the team in line and makes sure we cross our T’s and dot our lower case j’s. (FYI, she had to proofread this and correct all the spelling and grammar mistakes)

Adam Dyess

Producer, Video Specialist

The techie of the group. Adam makes sure the camera is pointed in the right direction and hits the big red record button. That and make up for the other guy’s weak beards.

Terry Effertz

Writer, Mistress of Ceremonies

Terry is the one who actually makes Jake sound funny on stage by coaching the audience on when to laugh. I guess you could say she’s the fluffer of Jake’s ego. 

Derek Smith

Writer, Actor

Derek is the only professional of the team. We don’t actually know what he does, but we know we can’t do it without him. 

Brent Schaff

Writer, Actor

Brent brings the hard truth to the team. He’s never afraid to tell us when something sucks. We call him “Cowboy” and not  because he wears a cowboy hat, wears boots, blue jeans, and fights bulls. No wait, that is why we call him that.

"Vodka" Mike Annas

Writer, Actor

Mike only shows up when he wants. We are always surprised to see him, but never disappointed.